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The Canadian Beef Brand Story (Food Service)

Course by: Canada Beef

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The Canadian beef brand story is more than just a mark on a product. It’s a way of being. A way of thinking and feeling; of connecting and collaborating; of telling the truth about why we exist, what makes us remarkable and how we go about doing what we do. It stands for what we believe in and what we value.  

When something goes as deep into our lives and into our way of living as Canadian beef, you understand there’s much more to our brand than our logo or a tagline. It has meaning and it matters. It’s our promise, our pride, our history and vision. And there is a story we tell ourselves and inspire others to tell about us; a story that lifts a product from a commodity to an experience and, in doing so, connects one person to another in a way that means something to both.  

This is our story, the Canadian beef brand story, and we are pleased and proud to share it with you.

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35 minutes
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