Course 4 - Canada's Quality Beef Grades (RETAIL)

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Canada’s Grading System Ensures the Ultimate Quality

This course will help you understand how Canada’s Quality Grading System provides the ultimate assurance of quality and consistency for consumers who rely on Canadian beef. You will learn how Marbling, Maturity, Meat Color, Fat Color, Muscling and Meat Texture are each assessed – and how the standards in place for each of those quality attributes results in a grading system that is among the most stringent in the world. Educating customers on the grading attributes of products and the aging required to make those cuts tender and delicious will ensure consumer confidence in the meat cuts they purchase at retail.  

Course Objectives  

  • Understand how the Canadian Beef Grading System ensures consistency and accuracy – employing a federally designated grader, federal audits and the use of computer vision grading systems.
  • Get to know each of Canada’s high quality beef grades – and the attributes used to assess each one.
  • Explain the key differences and similarities between each of Canada’s quality beef grades – and between the grading systems of the U.S. and Canada
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35 minutes
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